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Magician Jordi

Hello and welcome to the website of Magician Jordi. If you are looking for a magic act for your event, party or other occasion you have come to the right place! On this page you will find an overview of my work, the types of performances and of course some information about the man under the top hat. Do not hesitate to contact Magician Jordi for more information or a custom quote for any event. Thanks for your interest, I hope you will enjoy the magic!

Who is Magician Jordi?

magician JordiMy real name is Jordi Jansen, at the age of nine I started it immerse myself in the world of magic by devouring every book about the magic arts in the local library. As a young boy the amateur magician Joop Eiland took me under his wing and taught me the basics of magic tricks. This experience was crucial in my development as an artist and performer. At the tender age of twelve I won my first magic award, the audience award at the national magic competition in Hoogeveen.

Fast forward to the present, as Magician Jordi I perform at the most diverse venues for audiences small and large. Both in terms of audience members and age. I love working for small children up to elderly citizens, each performance is an experience for both the audience and myself. Apart from my profession as a magician I’m also a Co-ordinating Expert in Health Physics (Radiation Protection). For me, the combination between hard science and the ethereal world of magic has proven to be a perfect blend. In both fields the wellbeing of people is at the forefront of everything I do.

Shows and performances

Over the years I’ve mastered a large amount of tricks and techniques which I utilize in different types of shows and performances. Here’s a selection of acts, please contact me for all possibilities or a custom performance.

Table Magic

table magicMy favorite type of magic is Table Magic. This style of performance is direct, intimate and always surprising. The term “Table Magic” can be taken very literally, on numerous occasions I’m invited as a guest who will travel from table to table and entertain the audience with small yet surprising tricks. The interaction with the people is just as important as the deck of cards in my sleeve hand (disregard that last word please), you can feel the atmosphere changing from table to table.

Example: I’ve been invited to several performances in senior citizens homes. Because of hearing and/or visual impairments I need to get up close to the audience. Don’t get up, I will come and do my tricks right there at your table!

Trade Show Magician

trade show magicianHow do you keep a large group of people motivated at a trade show? It can be difficult to entertain hundreds or even thousands of people whilst keeping them interested in the actual event. At a trade show I can perform at intervals on a stage and entertain a whole group, or mingle amongst the visitors and lure them towards the exhibitors in a genial fashion.

Example: I’ve performed at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam. In this international environment a magician is the ultimate entertainment because every person from every background “gets” magic. Language barriers do not exist, magical illusions and inspiration cross every border.

Wedding Magician

wedding magicianA wedding is a beautiful occasion where two people tie the knot and embark on a new and exciting journey together. A wedding party can be great, but also awkward due to the eclectic mix of family, friends and acquaintances. As a Wedding Magician I can mingle among the guests and enhance the experience. From the children’s table (I bring my own balloons), to the adults, everyone loves magic.

Example: At one particular wedding I was asked to start off the evening with a central act for the entire room. After that performance I would make my way through the room and show Table Magic tricks to keep the party going. I bring my own forks nowadays, the staff does not appreciate my fork bending trick…

Magic for Kids

magic for kidsChildren are the most receptive audience for a magician. It is always a pleasure working for and especially with children. I’ve performed in school, the children love it when a teacher becomes part of the act, and at children’s parties where I teach children tricks they can practice on their family members. The most shy kid will enjoy a minute in the spotlight as my assistant, and the most jaded children will applaud with glee and befuddlement at every magic trick.

Example: As a radiation expert I’ve come in contact with an organization that works with children of Tsjernobyl. As part of a special visit to The Netherlands I was asked to perform for and with some of these kids. It was both heartbreaking and inspiring to work with these children that have suffered so much in their lives.

Contact magician Jordi for more information and suggestions for magic acts at your party, event and other occasions.

Table-Magic for Hugo and Garreth

5 “ster”“ster”“ster”“ster”“ster”

“Dear Jordi, Thank you very much for amazing us all on Saturday Night. It was very impressive!
You left a lot of open mouths. Just what I was hoping for! Thanks Again!” Garreth

“Mijn gasten en ik hebben van jouw talent genoten”. Veel dank, Hugo


door Hugo & Garreth

Memorable appearances

Although the content on this website is written in the Dutch language I’d like to invite you to take a look at some impressions of previous performances:

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